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Sunset and Palm Trees

Vacate Your Problems,
Renew Your Life,
Treasure Your True Peace of Paradise  


Welcome to Mana Christian Family Therapy Inc.  I know your arrival to this site was by no accident and thank you for coming by to learn how I partner with you to find hope, peace and clarity.  

At Mana Christian Family Therapy Inc. I offer a very unique approach of psychotherapy.  I collaborate with you to sail, or surf (totally up to you), through the different waves life’s ocean brings.  Here at Mana Christian Family Therapy Inc., we help you dive deep to discover the underlying conditions of your mental health condition(s).  Throughout your therapeutic process I support you with my signature island flare to unlock the complexity of your current situation.  Furthermore, this provides you with the vacated space you crave to safely renew.  The primary goal of every psychotherapy session is to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed to smoothly sail, surf or hula (if you're feeling really fancy?!) right back into your everyday life.  It is totally up to you- and I am here for it.     

Every year over 7 million people flock to the islands of Hawaii to seek wellness and restoration.  Have you ever thought WHY?  The desire to visit this destination is highly credited to the “peace of paradise” found in the Polynesian culture.  Often described as more precious than gold, this "peace of paradise" is priceless and a true treasure for those who seek and find it.    

                                                                               WHAT IS MANA?

A popular concept in ancient Polynesian culture, MANA is defined as the supernatural force (or power) that creates a miraculous force.  When you tap into your MANA, you nourish inner strength which propels a miraculous force to resolve any issues that steal your peace.  Every single one of us has access to develop your MANA.  The ability to develop your MANA is highly valued and an integral part of vigor, a survival skill once touted to the finest warriors.  Once you tap into your MANA, you regain innate strength which propels your MANA to assist you in finding resolution.  Here at Mana Christian Family Therapy, cultivating your MANA is an essential process integrated into the therapeutic space where I help you to navigate through tumultuous waves of your current condition.  Just like a sparkler, it takes a small ignite from another sparkler to truly emphasize your true inherited and natural glow.  






For this reason, I remind you

to fan into flame

the gift of God, which is in you

2 TIMOTHY 1: 6

























I offer an extraordinary approach to treat your mental health, with my signature "Island of Hope" approach to the therapeutic space.  I partner with you to navigate through the large and small waves that life’s ocean brings.  Here on the Island of Hope, the aim is leave you feeling refreshed.   In our sessions, we will dive deep within to discover your MANA and find your hidden treasure to support the development of your inner "peace of paradise".  You will leave your sessions invigorated and rejuvenated for what life holds ahead.   It’s not what you do, but how you do it that matters. (shoes are optional)


Holding Hands


Mana Christian Family Therapy Inc. is an appropriate therapeutic service treatment for those experiencing mild impairments in your overall functioning.  It is not suitable for response to a crisis.  If you are currently experiencing an immediate crisis, please contact 9-1-1 or visit your local emergency room to be evaluated for immediately for further stabilization.  For further support, please contact the National Mental Health Hotline at 1-866-903-3787 for free and confidential assistance 24/7.    


There are a number of mental health conditions that I treat which range in nature, the pathology of your condition is something I identify in your initial intake assessment.  Regardless of whether your issues relate to your past or more present circumstances, it is important to connect in order to see if I can help with your current needs.    

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