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Vacate your stress,
Renew your life,
Treasure your true peace of paradise
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Welcome to Mana Christian Family Therapy Inc.  Your arrival to this site was no accident.  Please let me officially thank you for stopping by to learn how I partner with you to find hope, peace and clarity.  

At Mana Christian Family Therapy Inc. I offer a very unique approach of psychotherapy.  I collaborate with you to sail, or surf (totally up to you), through the different waves life’s ocean brings.  Here at Mana Christian Family Therapy Inc., we dive deep to discover the underlying symptoms and relief needed for your mental health.  Throughout your therapeutic process I support you with an island flare to unlock the complexity of your situation.  Furthermore, our sessions provide you with the vacated space you desperately crave.  Your therapeutic sessions leaves you refreshed and renewed to smoothly sail, surf or hula (if you're feeling really fancy), back into your everyday life.  It is totally up to you- and I am here for it. 

Every year over 7 million people flock to the islands of Hawaii to seek wellness and restoration.  Have you ever asked WHY?  The desire to visit this destination is highly credited to the
"peace of paradise" found in the Polynesian culture.  Often described as more precious than gold, this "peace of paradise" is priceless.  A true objective for those who seek to vacate their daily stress and seek the serenity of island life.  This tranquil concept is offered throughout your treatment at Mana Christian Family Therapy Inc.  Using our Treasure Map (clinically known as your treatment plan), we journey onto our "Island of Hope" where we explore your ability to cope and discover fulfillment.  A therapeutic process used to "Mana Your Mind" prepares your road to improved mental health.   


A popular concept in ancient Polynesian cultures known as MANA is defined as the supernatural force (or power) that creates a miraculous shift.  When you tap into your MANA, you activate an innate force which propels a transformational shift to activate.  Once you initiate your MANA it helps you to resolve issues deep within.  The ability to develop your MANA lies at the core of our work together.  It is highly valued and an integral part of vigor, a survival skill once touted to the strongest warriors.  We can develop your natural ability to find solutions through use of your MANA. 
Here at Mana Christian Family Therapy, cultivating your MANA is the signature process integrated into your therapeutic space.  You have it deep within you, sometimes it requires additional assistance to sophisticate your true essence.  Just as a sparkler needs to kindle its fire, we also need one another to nourish our inner wellness to radiate.  Let's support your inner glow by letting your MANA shine!

For this reason, I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you

2 TIMOTHY 1: 6

As we explore your mental health needs, you vacate your stress and enter a sacred space to renew.  We will discover your MANA and unlock your hidden treasure of an inner "peace of paradise".  You will leave your sessions invigorated and rejuvenated for what life holds ahead.  In conjunction with the exploration of your MANA, I offer Christian/ Faith-Based Counseling to empower your journey to wellness.  

But thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head. PSALM 3:3

While your personal belief system does not have to be Christian, discovering one's own faith can make your journey more meaningful when paired with someone who understands your core values.  Developing a personal connection to the articles of your faith may strengthen your ability to utilize them for practical everyday use.  In either case, your belief system can be extremely personal.  Partnering with a good counselor to explore these beliefs may provide you with the necessary space to explore any doubts, fears, or questions that may be causing you trouble.  This is provided in a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental atmosphere.     




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Don't see your condition listed?  No worries, I have experience treating a diverse range of mental health conditions.  Let's get in touch to see how I can help.  



Aloha! Let me introduce myself (cue hula drum please). My name is Alexsandria F. Lose and I am a psychotherapist.  I have been practicing psychotherapy since 2015 but began my career in mental health over 18 years ago.  I have extensive years of experience and a distinguished skillset to support you with your mental health needs.  I use a combination of versatile therapy modalities and, when permitted, offer a specialty in faith-based counseling to support your therapeutic treatment.  Partner with me and we can take the "I" out of Illness and put the "WE" in Wellness.       
"He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler."  PSALM 91:4


Mana Christian Family Therapy Inc. is an appropriate therapeutic service for those experiencing mild mental health needs.  Minor and light impairments effect your daily functioning.  It is not suitable for response to a crisis or for those suffering from moderate or severe conditions.  Higher level needs are best treated by your local specialty mental health centers.  If you are currently experiencing an immediate crisis, such as a danger to self or others, please contact 9-1-1 or visit your local emergency room immediately.
For further support, please contact the
National Mental Health Hotline at 1-866-903-3787 for free and confidential assistance 24/7.    
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