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I am a licensed therapist who offers individual, couples and family counseling to those who seek relief from current and/ or recurring mental health conditions. Before therapy begins, we must first conduct a thorough Initial Intake Assessment & Diagnostic Evaluation to set the foundation and tone for our work together.  This is a critical step to properly fuel your travels in this therapeutic journey.  While it is lengthy and initially intimidating, this will create the essential safe space needed to launch into your healing and recovery.  Please feel free to book your FREE 15-MINUTE CONSULTATION to see if we are a good fit for your needs.    

Initial Intake Assessment & Diagnostic Evaluation

2.5 Hour Session


STEP 1: Appointment MUST be completed at the beginning of treatment.  Includes an extensive yet thorough psycho-social assessment gathering pertinent information about your current and or past history with mental health conditions, explores diagnostic formulation and evaluates and appropriate method for overall treatment with an integrated safety plan to address your specific needs.  

Follow Up Individual Therapy Session

50 Minute Session


1-on-1 individual psychotherapy session to work on treatment plan goals.  Individualized interventions to meet personalized desired results for overall treatment.  Different modalities offered and tailored specific to support you through your overall treatment needs.    

Phone Sessions

Base Rate of $82.50 for 15-minute minimum (Additional minutes- $5.50 per minute) 

Don't need an entire session, but need to check in about an important update?  These are perfect maintenance calls to assist minor challenges which might occur before your next scheduled therapy session.  15-minute minimum required.  Offer valid only for current clients.   

Family/ Couples Sessions 

50 minute session


Collaborative partnership to work on the overall family or couple system.  Includes personalized interventions for the balanced needs of the unit receiving treatment.  
*All Payments are due at the BEGINNING of each service.  I gladly accept payment with most major debit/credit cards, including HSA & FSA plans.* 

At this time, I currently do not accept any health insurance plans and am considered an out-of-network provider.  Some health insurance plans (usually PPO & PSO) cover a portion of out-of-network costs.  Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.    
I genuinely believe in a holistic approach to health and trust direct patient care is most effective in order to build as a sturdy bridge between both healthcare practitioner and patient.  Since I do not accept insurance, this give you complete access to take your healthcare concerns in your own hands.  We exclude the middleman and get back to good old fashioned traditional patient-provider care.  Sometimes old-fashioned traditions are worth keeping around and truly never go out of style.  

There is a good chance that I can help get you connected to understand your current coverage for an out-of-network provider.  Feel free to book a FREE 15-MINUTE CONSULTATION for more information. The decision to seek treatment can be extremely overwhelming, but please know your choice is a remarkable sign of courage.  I look forward to our journey to help you find hope, peace and clarity.
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