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White Rose

Welcome to the Aloha Zone.  I am so glad you have landed here and are taking the time to prepare for your upcoming First Visit.  Being prepared for your first visit can make all the difference in the efficiency of your treatment.  First, I would like to applaud your courageous step to move forward to seek help.  You are one step closer to finding resolution and finding hope, peace and clarity.


Regardless of whether this is your very 1st therapy appointment, or if it is your 100th- knowing what to expect ahead of time can support a smoother transition into this first step on your new journey.  Meeting someone new and trying to pinpoint WHY you made the appointment can be nerve-wracking.  Described below is some information which may help you get ready for our initial appointment.  

As is routine with most healthcare practitioners, we will begin our appointment reviewing informed consent, privacy practices and limits of confidentiality.  This will begin with an Intake process which will highlight specific information needed to help me understand the current severity of your condition.   


  • Be open to discuss your personal history of treatment for any current/ past issues

  • Do your best to identify patterns or behaviors you are currently struggling with

  • Be open and forthcoming, participate and engage

  • ​Make a list of questions you may have for me about how to support you in treatment

  • Do your best to identify WHY you are seeking help at this time

    • Was there a specific incident that caused this onset?​

    • Any major changes that might have happened recently?

    • Do your best to identify patterns or behaviors you are currently struggling to manage 


Be YOU, despite the fact that you are facing a challenge, I can better help you when you are fully and completely yourself.  Especially when it seems most difficult.  Rejoice and have faith as you are on the first step of your journey to transform into a-MANA-mazing BE-YOU-TO-FULL you! 
With patience and time, we will reach true, authentic healing.  We will restore your MANA to help you find hope, peace and clarity!

For with God, nothing is IMPOSSIBLE (Luke 1:37)

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